Thursday, March 2, 2017

                        Good ol’ memories
It was a nice cold night in Santa Maria. It was the perfect night to ask my grandma for an interview. The smell of my grandma and grandpa’s house was very calm and soothing. My grandma was in the kitchen washing dishes while i stood by the kitchen. We were going to sit in the kitchen but it was too loud so we sat outside in the backyard. I always loved my grandma’s house. It was a comforting house that always smelt like baked goods or a library. Either one works. Her backyard has a garden full of rocks and statues and then another garden full of fresh vegetables. My grandma has a small patio in her backyard to have nice dinner on summer nights. We sat at the table in the middle of her patio.

My grandma was always my favorite to talk too. She always made me laugh and always told me stories about her grandma and and mom. I would always ask to hear her stories because they always made me smile.. My grandpa had a calming voice that was kind of quiet at times. At other times it was very soothing, and pleasing. My grandma always knew how to relax everybody. She was the main person that held the house together, she washed the dishes, took out the trash, she basically cleans the whole house 24/7 always making sure that everything was always ok. She always made sure that everyone was positive. My grandma is about the same height as me with bright blonde hair that you could spot anywhere. She has bright green eyes that reminds you of a sweet baby tiger but sometimes she wasn’t all that sweet. Now, let’s get into the questions.
    What do you remember about your grandparents?
        Grandma: I remember my grandpa holding me in his arms and walking me to the wishing well, which was where we got our water that we drank. That was over by Max Creek, Missouri and that water was the most delicious water i’ve ever had in my life.  As a little girl that’s what I remember of my grandpa.
        Me: That sounds really sweet. Maybe one day we can go visit sometime and bring back old memories. What do you remember about your grandma?
        Grandma: My grandma, she was pretty much going around helping everyone else out in the family because we had a large family, so she couldn’t really put her attention on just one child like I do with you. Well she was also older too and she was blind but it was still fun to go there and visit but a lot more fun heading home.
        Me: Yeah it doesn’t sound like as fun as an experience like you and your grandpa.

        What did you do for fun when you were around my age?

Me: So, what did you do for fun when you do for fun when you were around my age?
Grandma: At Grammy’s house?
Me: Just in general what was something that you would enjoy doing for fun or after school?
Grandma: After school? Well, we didn’t have many activities back then. You know, as old as I am now, there wasn’t too many activities for us to do after school. There was girl  scout’s and brownie makings and things like that but I never found interest in any of them so I never really did them. They also had some sewing classes but that’s all there really was. We also never did it because my family couldn’t afford it. We were very poor.

    What was the biggest trend back then?
    Me: What was the biggest trend. What clothing did you seem all the time. Did you follow the trends?
    Grandma: Ok, well when we went to school we could only wear skirts and dresses. Also, the dresses had to be to our knee or lower and if we didn’t wear them like that we would get in trouble. No pants, no jeans. You also had to wear black shoes and when you wore a skirt you had to wear nylons with it.
    Me: So, for the weekends when you didn’t have to wear a dress or skirt did you still wear them or did you usually just wear comfortable jeans.
Grandma: Well I was getting sick of those dresses and skirts so I always wore jeans. I loved my comfy jeans.

    What was your favorite memory from when you were little?
    Me: So, I know that this is probably really hard to choose from but what was your favorite memory from when you were little?
Grandma: Probably when my daddy pulled up with a car for me. It was a little 63 ford falcon, and it was white. So, it was a lot of fun to get that, especially from my daddy.

What was your favorite job?
Me: So, I know you probably had a lot of jobs that you really enjoyed but if you had to pick one which would you pick?
         Grandma: I never really had a favorite job.
    Me: So did you ever enjoy going to work at all.
    Grandma: Well yeah I enjoyed going to work but i didn’t have no special job.
    Me: Well, what was your first big job then since you didn’t have a favorite job?
    Grandma: I’m gonna say well,  I worked for Loma Linda Behavior Center and I can say that, that was definitely an interesting job. We had some great people in there. Well, we had Johnny Cash in there. We had, Santana and The Red Hot Chili Peppers so you know, I met some interesting people.
Me: Who was your favorite person to meet?
Grandma: Well, probably Johnny Cash. I got to serve him and talk with him. He was a real nice and funny guy. So I will definitely never forget that time.
Me: Well grandma, it sounds like you had some very interesting memories in your life. Thank you for letting me interview you aso and letting me share your memories. I think this is all I need now and I’m all set.
Grandma: Thank you for the interview.

    In conclusion my grandma was a very interesting girl with many fun adventures. My grandma definitely had a lot of great things happen to her that she will never forget and cherish forever. One thing that I did learn from this was that my grandma definitely did not having a boring life and always knows how to cherish every last second of everything.

Friday, December 2, 2016

April Fools

In April the only people who actually celebrated April Fools days was the jousts because they were the ones who pulled pranks on everyone and they actually called it Alls Fools day

A long break

They also looked forward to December 25th- January 6th because they didn't have to go to church at all during that period and they had extra food, water, fire wood and clothing

Medieval Holidays and festivals

The one holiday that they always looked forward to was the 12 days of Christmas bevause jt lasted the longest and they had all that time off. But there was also a lot of other holidays they looked forward too

Medieval holidays and festivals

In holidays and festivals the one day they always looked forward to is Sunday because all they had to do was go to church but then again they weren't that happy because church was a really long process and lasted half a day 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jiffy peanut butter doesn't exist!?!?

Ok so yes there is a peanut butter brand but it is called Jif! Not Jiffy peanut butter and if you really what to see proof just go to the store! At the store it will say Jif and not Jiffy because Jiffy has never existed. There was even sayings going around that it was called that and mothers would always say "I can fix their snack in a jiffy" because they thought Jiffy was the peanut butter brand but no, it isnt. It's called Jif


Ok so back to the related things to the Mandela effect in Star wars everyone says that the famous line is "Luke, I am your farther" but actually if you really pay close attention Darth Vader actually says "No, I am your farther" So next time you watch Star wars make sure to listen to that because it may just surprise you.